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Red Cedar Flats Residents Walk Next Door to the New Trader Joe's!

Strathmore Real Estate Group is pleased to announce the closing of two real estate transactions with Trader Joe’s East, LLC at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Northwind Drive located in Meridian Township.  Strathmore and its affiliates are proud to have worked with Meridian Township, local stakeholders, and the surrounding community to bring the first Trader Joe’s store to Mid-Michigan.

Given the extraordinary site requirements for a typical Trader Joe's, Strathmore was initially tasked with the land assembly to accommodate the unusual parking requirements of a specialty grocer.  The expected parking demand for Trader Joe’s exceeded what the Meridian Township Zoning Ordinance would allow.  Strathmore worked cooperatively with community stakeholders to secure several variances and approvals, relocate several businesses, in order to mitigate the impact on the adjacent residences.  January of 2024 Trader Joe’s announced its formal intent to be East Lansing’s neighborhood grocery store.


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